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May 26, 2015.

Guilty party in this story, similar to some other stories is again my scooter. I am having my M2 exit motorcycle exam on the streets of west Toronto in a couple of days. I thought that it might be a good idea to come here and check for eventual surprises in the streets in this area.

Of course my camera was with me and surprises were starting as soon as I reached west side, but main one was waiting on the corner of Dupont St. and Ossington Ave. [psychograph #01 ] Old fashioned corner store, quite rare these days, attracted my attention.

While crossing the street to make better picture other building on the same corner, or to be more precise something visible true one of the windows of that building was much more interesting. [psychograph #02 ] L'Art Est [...Art is...] and a rest invisible was a clear sign [psychograph!] that art is having heavy involvement here.

It turned out that this building is hosting numerous art studios and sights around [psychograph #03 ] are obviously done by those creating inside. Whole building is actually one complex condensed art experience with all the energy combined.

I am quite sure that is not intentionally created but those intertangled cable and internet wires are fitting perfectly both visually and conceptually.[psychograph #04 ]

Whatever art we are creating today involves social media parameter, almost like new art media, maybe called "shared art".
Do you agree? Different opinion?

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