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thursday, october 13, 2016

01.I started creating omen urbis long time ago as a guash drawings combined with monotypia [one copy prints] back in 1987. psychograph #01 . over time they are evolving. in a second stage in 1987/1989 they were executed as artprints. when I moved in canada in 1993 I continued recording them in a somewhat different way.

what they are? I am describing them in a very similar way as a psychographs: they are scenes usually unrecognized as a significant ones in the life of the city. only difference is that they are not connected to each other, they are just observed during the walks in an instant and recorded as a photos, manly with the phone camera.

02.that could be anything. but they still have something in common. mainly memory, or reminder or just wishful thinking?

03.this image on the shopping bag reminding me of my kum [godfather on serbian] is quite typical one. psychograph #02

04.courage toronto, btw not written by me, just observed, is connecting me with like minded individual in the neighbourhood is another one. psychograph #03 goes on and on, psychograph #04 just last month alone I discovered all ones at the bottom of this page. in the case of omen urbis, I am not looking for the next one, they are appearing on their own, the only thing you need to do, is to look SIDEWAY! favourite one so far in canada was psychograph #05 . in the pharmacy section of the supermarket near my place, someone picked up apple from the floor and left it on a shelf between drugs. that person didn't even looked at the shelf, but the sight had so much hidden messages, it couldn't be skipped.

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psychograph #02 – kum zika, 2016
psychograph #01 – omen urbis I, 1987
psychograph #03
psychograph #04
psychograph #05