Cool Bay, Sint Maarten, April, 2018    
  We were invited to the island of sint marten or saint martin as french half is called, by our dear relatives living there for last couple of years. psychograph #01    
              psychograph #01
  It was known to us that Hurricane Irma during september of 2017 passed over the Sint Maarten, with category five winds, and seriously damaged both sides of island divided between Duch and French. Sint maartin is an island in Caribbean sea approximately 300km east of Porto Rico.

Part that we stayed in, Cool Bay on the duch side of the island, was not that badly damaged being somewhat protected by the high hill in the background, so we were initially not aware of the power of destruction.

psychograph #02              
  Few days later we visited Philipshburg, largest and most important city of the Nederland part and there we noticed first signs of what was happening few months before. psychograph #02

Image above right was taken on the same spot as the image left [not by us] right after people affected appeared outside the places where they were hiding for several hours that day.








  Their experience was described by our relatives and their friends, but hearing is one thing and seeing is quite another. Just noticed crooked electrical post. They were saying that that one was left like that because that was the rare one that was still standing!    
psychograph #03              
  When the next day we crossed just few kilometers to the French side of the island we become aware of what w as really happening that day. psychograph #03

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