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the story - windmill
Monday, June 6, 2011

01.Especially during short Toronto summer I am driving my scooter to work. It is a long trip - 30 km one way - now since we moved to Markham back in February. I am trying to stay away from office during lunch breaks and on this occasion I went little bit south and on the intersection of Hwy 7 and Woodbine I've noticed this windmill peaking behind very unattractive business and retail structure. [ psychograph 01]

02.On the closer look it turned out to be clever advertisements for The Priceville Windmill Co. [519.923.6322]. Is this good or not? I think it is, it is nice to know that someone is surviving producing those old fashioned windmills very very justifiable is every sense. On top of that it is quite attractive and it is taking dominant position is visually boring urbanscape. I was little bit disappointed to observe that besides showing side from where wind is blowing it doesn't have any other functions. Why?

03. It reminded me that on our trips we acoountered numerous windmills. This enormous one [~30 m tall] built in 1715 is in Shiedam, Nederland. It is turned to museum and it is still fully functional for milling grain. [ psychograph 02]

04.The other one at the bottom [ psychograph 03] is even more interesting. This windy area of Portugal near Mafra [approximately 30 km southwest of Lisbon] is where this one is located. It is fully functional grain milling windmill. What is making it very unique are ceramic pots of various sizes attached to the canvas blades. As they turn each pot is producing whistling sound making passers by really enjoying themselves both visually and musically. Fascinating. Video is unfortunately not clearly picking sound disturbed by nearby traffic.

10.Yes, there is a clear value of enriching our everyday environment with inventions standing in balance with nature! They are connections to the future reminding us of the possibilities to use forces of nature to our advantage, and preserving environment for upcoming generations. On top of that they have sentimental value connecting us to the old home country!

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